Of course ALL Europe doesn't buy this leftist nonsense. For example, I have heard of a number of polls that show Europeans in general support the death penalty. But over here we get the impression that "Europeans" oppose it unanimously.

What OUR media call Accepted American Opinion is exactly what THEIR media call Accepted American Opinion: leftism.

As Eric Hoffer pointed out repeatedly back in the 1960s, Western "intellectuals" simply have no new ideas. What academia calls a new idea is actually just different packaging on old leftist propaganda.

Many academics still praise Marxism because it says that Intellectuals must rule.

Academia, after all, is just one more self-sustaining bureaucracy. Academics of today pick the new academics. Any interference in this bureaucracy violates "academic freedom," which is now just another phrase used by a rotten, self-contained bureaucracy to justify its privileges.

But outdated ideas and institutions are what European Accepted Opinion is used to following. The European right still takes monarchy seriously, and the European left will not support any idea that does not have a bunch of Intellectuals pushing it.

To the European media the only American opinions that have Authority come from our Eastern media and American social science professors.

What's hilarious is that those Europeans think they're Modern and Progressive. They really do!

Why? Because the inbred, leftist, self-contained academic bureaucracy over here has sold its ideology in the name of Social Progress and Modern Thought. Those ideas are actually so outdated and so rotten that a real American can smell it.

But for Europe's Accepted Opinion, if a PhD says it's a Modern Idea, then it must be true.