WHO THIS TIME? | 2004-10-16

A vote is a signal. Contrary to what the establishment tells you, a third party vote has more weight than a major party vote.

You are told that if you don't vote for Bush or Gore you are "throwing your vote away."

We have to start with the reality that you are not going to elect the president personally. It is more likely that the world will be wiped out by a meteor than that your vote will determine the election.

Almost every major national policy started with a third party vote. Like a lot of people, I thought of voting for Nader because that vote says, "Get the hell out of Israel's War in Iraq." That's a message.

If you vote for a national party, you vote for the status quo. In fact, if you cast a vote at all, keep in mind that you are endorsing the so-called "choices" we have. That's why the establishment wants a huge turnout. That's why there is this myth that somebody who votes is doing us all a favor. When you vote, you do the ruling establishment a favor.

But on balance, a third party vote is far better than no vote. I am seriously considering Peroutka on the Constitution Party ticket. You might have to write him in.