Respectable conservatives serve as ratifiers of Politically Correct Policy. Historically, Mommy Professor announces a national policy. Then conservatives argue against him for a generation. Then, if it is a policy that is key to our established religion, conservatives join in denouncing all questions about it.

Today any discussion of where we predicted with 100% accuracy "civil rights" would get us is forbidden in order to be avoided. So respectable conservatives ratify this prohibition. They help scream down any discussion of this history and thereby buy their "respectable" status which keeps their checks coming in.

Conservatives were America First before World War II, and were called Isolationists. So they lost and we went ahead and destroyed the balance between fascism and communism, taking the Communist side, and thereby delivered a third of the human race to the Communists.

Today it is the respectable conservatives who want America's armed forces in the middle of every war on earth. They have ratified the idea that Mommy Professor was always right to denounce Isolationism.

So all you have to do to overcome any objection to any war we get in is to scream Isolationist and conservatives will move to suppress anything you say even more loudly than the left does.

The trick is that respectable conservatives make history say that the left was always right.

More important, respectable conservatives close the canon for our established religion.

In our national religion a policy is not part of the Established Faith, until the time comes when respectable conservatives agree to declare it Official Heresy.

Historically every prediction made by those who opposed American entry into World War II and those who opposed "civil rights" has turned out to be historically, absolutely, perfectly accurate. The only way to handle it is to denounce anyone who mentions this historical reality.

To ban such discussions requires not only Mommy Professor to be outraged at such discussion, it also MUST HAVE the ban agreed to by what is called "the other side."

The "other side," respectable conservatives, is absolutely essential to imposing Thought Police policy.

When "both sides" agree, the Thought Police have a license to kill.

In cases like Isolationism and Civil Rights, respectable conservatives are subtly informed, by a process I have described repeatedly, that a whole area of discussion is simply closed. So today Ron Paul's discussion of a country in a debt crisis spending trillions on soldiers for anybody in the world is no longer subject to debate.

Respectable conservatives EARN their tithe of the money that is paid to our national Politically Correct priesthood by joining liberals in absolutely closing any area to debate which Mommy Professor can't handle.