We use the Roman Legion as an illustration of our approach. One part of this is the short sward, which Romans used in their tight formations, up close and personal, to gut their enemies who could not get through the wall shield.

I see long essays -by OUR standards - on the "race does not exist" or "is a social construct. The short sword version of a reply would be "So Hitler did not commit genocide?" or, better, "You are saying there is no such thing as genocide."

This happens a lot. Commenters get wrapped up in making simple issues that could be handled by short sword into just what the other side wants.

This is a HARD discipline to learn. After years of debating, you are now learning a discipline.

It is like one we HAVE generally learned. Instead of talking about the evils of the white race, we simply point out that "You are JUSTIFYING genocide." He is in the position of verifying what you said. That's a short sword jab.

If you do not use the short sword jabs I have tried and found true in years of experience, you're re exactly like a Legionnaire who gets pissed, steps out of the line, and tries to fight the man opposite him alone in the old style.

It is STUPID and it leaves me frustrated.

So LOOK for the short answers. If you don't use them I don't regard you as mistaken, I think you are a damned fool.