WW informed us that a major Spanish nationalist group now has the slogan, "Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White."

This was great news, so I responded with the Vivas! and an Ole! You would expect In Spanish, a language in which, believe it or not, I was once fluent.

WW pointed out to me that Ole! Is stereotypical, though the rest was OK.

This gave me to THINK. I have spoken Spanish in probably a dozen countries over the years. When I was nine or ten I visited a family in Havana by myself, and I already been there before.

It occurred to me that, as WW pointed out, I had never heard a Spanish-speaking person use the word "Ole!

My reaction to this was, I think, very relevant to understanding what Mantra Thinking is.

A normal person would have been a bit upset a having used a term so mindlessly, resolved not to do it again, and gone on. A normal person might have defended himself by consulting Google, where I am sure you can find statements that real Spanish-speaking seldom say anything BUT Ole!

Or I could have tried to impress you with quotes from writers on the general subject of language.

I can't define Mantra Thinking, but this is a seminar, so I could use this example to see if I can illustrate it.

First of all, I was IMPRESSED by this correction. According to WW, I have ignored a basic reality in a language that has been important to me for over sixty years.

Mantra Thinking consists to great extent of RETHINKING. The problem in our world is what "everybody knows." So, while seeing the cheating STILL being done, now openly, by the global warmers I was deeply impressed to find that, because of a very, very simple mix-up, Napoleon has always famously been called "short," where as he was 5'6" or so, average for his day.

The Mantra itself is simply noting that all that Love and Brotherhood and "mixing of the races" has absolutely nothing to do with the ultimate fate of any race but the white one.

Going back to one's basic thinking is far more profitable than doing a search and writing a tome on stereotypes. If you go back and rethink, beginning with your childhood thinking, you are dealing with how your whole mind has worked from the start.

WW made me rethink what I had taken for granted almost all my life. As I say, I just then realized I had never heard a Spanish-speaking person use the word Ole! It showed me again how vulnerable I am to stereotypes, despite real experience.

This is the kind of rethinking I had to do about the Weakest Generation, to whose endless chest-beating I had been subject almost since I was born.

A commenter here would probably make this into a worldview on languages or brainwashing. What it made me do was go back over my lifetime's thinking, AGAIN. Every time I fool myself that something everybody knows is so wrong it's a bad joke, examples like Ole! Occur to me.