I am really upset when someone gets off white genocide in our WORK section or in our outside arguments and gets onto Jesus Saves or Jews or ANYTHING.

It is the one weapon that has cause me to lost my attack on anti-whites, because it comes from OUR side and then becomes a legitimate subject of the cornered anti-whites to escape to.

Verbal diarrhea is our ULTIMATE enemy.

The KKK's burning cross has nothing to do with The Old Rugged Cross. It was adopted by a group htat had Clan in its name (Dixon's book was called the Clansman, not the Klansman) because the South identified with Scotland. When an English Army entered Scotland, every Scotsman up to the Northern Islands knew it because those who saw the English went to the top of hill - in land filled with hills from top to bottom, and lit a huge cross.

That cross at the border was seen miles further north, where they also found the highest hill and lit a huge cross on it.

Now in a truly idiotic insane world, some kook who saw the burning cross might have said, "Well, it is very important that the English Army is attacking, but I am also pissed at the French for some of the things they do. I am going to put up an extra thing for that.. It'll take a few days to work it out and build it, but it's IMPORTANT."

No, that couldn't have happened, you know it and I know it. Somebody like that would be put in a madhouse.

But with us, it happens ALL THE TIME. We are lighting the Mantra Cross on the hills while MOST of our fellows want to talk about crime statistics, Jews, or just how bad everything is getting.

Do these brain-damaged people actually go home and drool in the evenings?