The website for Brainwashing 101 has a discussion forum. It gives a glimpse of how completely the professors have destroyed critical thinking. The self-styled "conservatives" rail at the self-styled "liberals" by calling them "racists" and accusing them of not fully embracing Martin Luther King, Jr. The liberals reply with incoherent Marxist gibberish.

One of the "liberals" wrote, "On being a racist, we're all inherently and subconsciously racist deep down. Don't you think?" I replied that if everybody is something, i.e. "racist," then the term is meaningless.

"Racism" is not a meaningful construct, but a religious epithet. It is akin to "heretic" in the Christian religion, except that a heresy (which means to choose between) can be defined against a fixed creed or dogma. A heretic is one who picks and chooses which of the doctrines he will accept and abide by. "Racism" has such a wide range of use and meaning that it is impossible to know what the standard is.

The creed or doctrine of the religion of Political Correctness is made up on the fly by its priesthood. That is why we have the ever-growing list of "hate crimes," speech codes, and "institutional biases," etc., etc.

It might be better related to the caste "Untouchable" in the Hindu religion. But one is born into a Hindu caste. A "racist" becomes "Untouchable" by decree of the priesthood.

If one is declared a "racist" then he does not have to be addressed as a human being, i.e. with reason, logic, and what Christians would call forbearance, but is worse than a leper in ancient times.

When "racism" entails everything from whistling Dixie (which even Lincoln had played at the formal surrender of the Confederacy) to discussing different physical or intellectual traits between races (i.e. "White men can't jump," etc.) to non-white on white crime (the FBI formally classifies Hispanics only as victims in crime statistics - when they commit crimes they are then classified as white), to "institutional racism" to "unconscious racism" to who knows what else, how can the concept be meaningful?