I can't be a good pro-lifer because there are lot of things that are more important to me than life. For example, I would much rather go down shooting than stand helplessly while thugs trashed my house and abused my family

Britain bans weapons for every honest citizen. British burglars no longer wait for people to leave their houses. Almost half the burglars go in and trash the place while the family is there and the father is cowering in a corner. The Brits don't mind that, because it is truly pro-life: no criminal gets killed and all life is precious.

Leftists object to the New Hampshire state motto, "Live Free or Die" that is on the state's license plates. They would "rather be Red than dead." A lot of pro-lifers on the right are finding common cause with a lot of liberals because of this myth that life is infinitely precious.

When the left and the respectable right get together, you are really in trouble. The left and the respectable right are getting together for Martha Stewart. The left and the respectable right got together to defend Bill Gates, Junior when he faced anti-trust charges.

When Bill Gates, Junior got prosecuted, conservatives were outraged. Please see May 7, 2000 - MICROSOFT CASE: A LIBERAL GETS MUGGED. Conservatives told each other that Bill Gates was a poor boy who made good. They said Microsoft was started on nothing in a garage.

Recently Bush proposed an end to the inheritance tax. A group of fabulously wealthy liberals came out against him. Leading the list was the fabulously wealthy Bill Gates, SENIOR. He was rich when Bill Junior was born, and Gates' limousine liberal mother was a high-ranking executives who made the contacts he needed to get Microsoft going.

But all conservatives could say was, "Him Rich, Him GOOD."

When government mugs liberals, I cheer. They want everybody else mugged. They can have guards with guns, so they want us arrested for having guns to defend ourselves.

That's the kind of logic we are enforcing in Iraq. Nobody thinks it will work. But liberalism never works.

The liberal media is pleased with the gun law in Iraq, and that is all that matters to the Bush Administration. It looks respectable and New Yorkish.

That kind of wimpy nonsense could make Iraq a graveyard for Republican politics.