Respectable Conservatives are always repeating the liberal line that "We must appeal to minorities to win elections."

My first question is, "What do you mean by 'minorities'?"

If you ask me, "Are you anti-Semitic?," my answer is not to whine and grovel like a good conservative. My response to the question, "Are you anti-Semitic?," is the same as my answer to "Are you anti-Anybody?"

Whether or not I am anti-Semitic depends on the Semite.

I am very very anti-Semitic if you are talking about a Boasian Jew like Noel Ignatiev, who openly demands "the abolition of the white race." Minorities who demand the end of the English language or of America or the white race are my enemies. And those who demand the destruction of what we have are the ones respectable conservatives mean when they say "appeal to minorities."

This kind of "appeal to minorities" is not only immoral, it is also stupid. You will never get the votes of blacks whose main concern is that every white man genuinely desire that his daughter marry a black man.

Many black men say they will never date a black woman. If a white man says that, he is evil. But that black man is the "minority" we must appeal to.

The Hispanic who demands that Spanish be a national language of the United States will never vote conservative.

A Jew who demands the abolition of the white race is an enemy. He may say "abolish the white race" like Noel Igantiev does. Other anti-whites, both Jew and gentile, demand the end of the white race in more diplomatic language. They say "There is no place in America for racism." "Racism" has become a code-word meaning "whites."

To quote Noel Ignatiev, "The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists." Any white person who does not want his race "abolished" is a "racist." "No room for racism" means "no room for whites."

"There is no room in America for racism" has become a code phrase for "There is no room in America for whites." "Appealing to minorities" has become a code term for giving away everything a real conservative would fight to conserve.

The only votes we can get are the ones who want something besides our destruction, no matter how nicely and gently and diplomatically that demand for our destruction is phrased.