Now that terror has made tightening our border more popular, we will face another tide of pity for the Mexicans who are stuck in Mexico.

Please look at the sentence I just wrote. It describes the exact truth, but when I write it that way it sounds hideously, screamingly racist, doesn't it? Yet shouting one's pity for the poor Mexicans stuck in Mexico demonstrates that a person is anti-racist.

Anti-racists spend most of their time slobbering and crying over how bad America is for Mexico.

"How would you feel," they shout at us, "If you had a huge, powerful, rich country on your northern border like they do?"

OK, let's look at that question. If we were like Mexico in this respect, we would have a titanic country on our northern border which had a per capita income ten times as high as ours. Every day enormous medical advances would be pouring out of that huge country at a hundred times the rate we produce them.

And, yes, they would tower over us. If we went to their country to work and we lived there exactly like we do here, they would say we were "migrant workers," and that our conditions were unbearable. They would cry and shout that no human being should have to live the way we are used to living.

Above all, they would shout that no one should have to live the way we normally live in THEIR country! And they would feel GUILTY about it!

Now let's list a few of the other things they would feel guilty about.

1) They would beat their chests about the fact that we only make thirty or forty thousand dollars a year instead of three hundred thousands dollars a year like they do. They would pour money down to us in aid.

2) Our Great Northern Neighbor would kick himself because we die at the early age of seventy or eighty. They would pour medical care down here to get our average life span up above a hundred years like theirs is.

3) Millions of us every year would be allowed in to work at ten times our present wages and send them back here. We would complain that ALL of us weren't allowed to go up there and make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year working in conditions vastly better than we ones we work under here.

4) The Monroe Doctrine of out Great Northern Neighbor would make it unnecessary for us to defend ourselves from foreign enemies.

5) Our Great Northern Neighbor would have already made all the technical and economic advances needed to show us how we can also attain levels of riches and health and power we had not imagined were possible.

If you think about it, there are a lot more things like this we would see in our Great Northern Neighbor. Mexico spends most of its time whining and pushing American guilt. If we had a Great Northern Neighbor maybe we would spend more time learning what it has to teach us.