THIS should be FRONT and CENTER in the discussion of priests molesting children in the Catholic Church

Again and again, Catholic Church officials are saying that they let priests molest children and get away with it because they appealed to a higher moral authority.

Who were these Moral Authorities?

The "intellectuals," of course.

You see, moan the bishops and cardinals, all the psychologists and psychiatrists told them that they should concentrate on rehabilitation, not punishment. They themselves knew what the Bible said about sin, but they didn't want to be old-fashioned rednecks.

They were only following orders.

This is not just important, this is an absolute crime. All the mainline churches today are appealing to liberal opinion as a higher moral authority on almost every issue. More important, they also let the "intellectuals" decide what the moral issue ARE.

Today, all the preachers and priests agree that human action is a result of heredity and environment. But they also say that God says heredity means nothing. That is what all the professors, the psychologists and psychiatrists tell them so it must be true.

Genocide against whites is not genocide. All Modern Opinion agrees. So the mainline preachers and priests say that this is all right with God. None of them has ever considered what it will be like on Judgment Day to tell God that to His Face.

"Lord," they will tell Him, "You worry a lot about kids getting the right education, but you don't care whether they are born smart or dumb. So smart people should not have children and they should spend all their time and money supporting huge welfare families. God, you said that."

You had better be right when you tell Him that!

The churches are shot through with leftist ideas, all courtesy of their desperate desire not to sound like a bunch of judgmental rednecks. That is the single greatest lesson we should all learn from this child molestation scandal. But nobody even mentions it.

Why not? Because nobody wants to sound like a bunch of judgmental rednecks. When it comes to morals, they want to be in on the Latest Thing.

If you are a bishop and you don't want to make moral judgments, take off the suit. If you are a mainline Protestant minister and you follow the Intellectuals, you had better take another look where you are following them to.