Poor old Lott. No conservative ever worked so hard to be respectable. When reporters ask him to, he praises the fairness of the liberal media.

A respectable conservative is called a conservative because he tells some of the truth. On the other hand, he can only stay respectable if he condemns any truth that is real heresy to our national true Faith.

As in any religious tyranny, it is hard for person who talks for a living to stay inside the lines set out by the Inquisition. Poor Lott, who has spent his whole life saying the right things, heard the applause for pro-Thurmond statements at that birthday party and said the wrong thing in praise of Strom.

Does Lott BELIEVE in the True Faith of Integration? Like all of our national spokesmen today, Lott doesn't believe anything. No one in power in our society has any true belief or any true loyalty to much of anything. This always happens when a society imposes an Inquisition on itself.

No one is enough of a True Believer to say the right thing all the time. When you impose a True Faith, the only person who can say exactly the right thing all the time is an absolute sociopath, someone who has no real conscience at all.

The True Faith of Communism ended up in the hands of real nut cases like Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot.

In an Inquisition Society like ours, only a true sociopath can be consistent enough to survive.

The society we live in today naturally produces bishops who help perverts rape thousands of little boys, businessmen who steal and all the rest. In an Inquisition society, lying is not merely OK, it is required.

Meanwhile, Fox News Network wants to know "What problems?!"