Lake High had an interesting front-page article in the Edgefield Journal this time. It turns out that my old friend Paul Weyrich, along with others, is beginning to think our way. They are saying that we need to stop trying to take over the present political setup and concentrate on building sovereign communities of our own.

We have to have territory of our own. Lake gives other examples of people coming to this conclusion, including a conservative Jewish commentator, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and the black conservative theorist, Walter Williams.

But respectable conservatives keep doing their job for the Union and the ruling establishment.

National Review recently had a cover article entitled, "The Emerging Republican Minority." It explained that, due to falling white birthrates in the United States and massive nonwhite immigration from abroad, conservatism in America is doomed.

So what do these brave champions of conservatism plan to do about it?

According to the article, they propose to cry and whine a lot.

Oh, and there is one other thing respectable conservatives are going to do

We all see this train coming to destroy us. If any of us try get off the rails, respectable conservatives will do ANYTHING to keep us tied to the tracks.

George Will recently did a column about how the League of the South was leading America toward a situation like that in Yugoslavia. And you know what respectable conservatives want to do about bad guys like us in Yugoslavia!

That was Andrew Johnson's attitude in 1860. When Lincoln was elected, and it was clear that all Southern influence in America was to be destroyed, he whined as loudly as anybody. But when push came to shove, he helped kill any Southerners who tried to escape the onrushing train.

In 1864, to keep the war against his fellow Southerners going, the Republicans who wanted to keep killing Southerners needed the support of traitors like Johnson, so they nominated him for vice president. But in 1865, they won the war, and they wanted to get rid of him.

As the Radical Republican congress turned against this fanatical Unionist after the Civil War, one of the common Radical charges against him was that he was a FOREIGNER, a citizen of the ALIEN state of Tennessee! This is the phenomenon I wrote about in my December 12 Whitaker Online article "The History Channel Presents Approved Fiction". My point was that the left always finds patsies like Johnson to use for its purposes. Turncoat patsies like Johnson repeat the Yankee and leftist promises that they only want to be reasonable.

And, as with Johnson then and National Review today, the minute these chumps give the victory to the Radicals, the Radicals dump them like the garbage they are, and laugh at them to boot.

The price of trying to be respectable to the left is humiliation and worse. The left flatters its rightist pawns and honors them and praises them - until the moment it no longer needs them. Then, like Andrew Johnson, you find yourself classed with the other rightists you helped to criminalize.

The second it can safely do so, the left chews these rightist turncoats up and spits them out.

So respectable conservatives are beloved of the ruling establishment -- for the time being.

In the 1830s, many Southerners refused to face facts, and compromised with the growing power of the North. In the 1830s, when the North made colonies of us with The Tariff of Abominations, we could have seceded successfully.

Like their predecessors, respectable conservatives today fight to keep us in the system until things are hopeless.

The strain is showing. During the debate over impeachment, House Minority Leader Gephardt pointed out that "Politics is a substitute for violence," but, he pointed out, the violence on both sides was beginning to show as the impeachment situation got nastier. The partisan split is getting wider and wider.

This widening of the partisan political split in this country is discussed all the time, but nobody wants to face the reason for it. That reason is simple. Once again America is being split over matters that are basic and irreconcilable. The revolution National Review pointed to is under way, and it will lead to a total transformation of America. When the stakes are total, partisanship becomes total as well.

To the vanishingly few of us who remember American history, the present situation is pure déjà vu. The same thing happened before the Civil War, as more and congressmen went to the capitol armed. And the basic situation is exactly the same. On the one side are those who march behind the banner of Five Words and Emma Lazarus (Whitaker OnLine Archives, article for October 31). They see America as the property of All Mankind. They fully intend to take America from its older population and turn it over to All Mankind. This is the same outlook the fanatical Abolitionists had.

Whenever anyone ignored the Constitution and substitutes "all men are created equal" for it, the country is in deep trouble. Both liberals and respectable conservatives today treat "All men are created equal" as a complete substitute for our Constitution.

In its special 1976 bicentennial edition, National Review announced that "All men are created equal" was the basis on which America was built! It has maintained that position ever since. This should cure anyone who thinks respectable conservatism will do us any good at this late date.

As National Review has pointed out, our national problems will only be resolved when enough minority voters have been bred and brought in to overwhelm all opposition. The populations of America, both the whites and the anti-whites, are becoming more and more aware of the titanic climax that is looming. As in the 1850s, the battle is becoming more physical, as Gephardt remarked.

Everyone who is familiar with history knows that, if the South had united behind South Carolina's lead in 1830, when there was still time, the old order and peace might have been saved. But Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, and other "respectable" Southerners, like National Review today, viewed anybody who wanted off the train tracks as the absolute enemy. So they got to be National Leaders. And, because of their efforts, the South became an outright colony of New England in 1865.

No one is more fanatical about keeping us tied down on the tracks than respectable conservatives. In the present crisis, they are the real enemy, for they are in OUR camp and working for the enemy.