According to liberals, if a repeat offender doesn't have the same rights as everybody else, we are all doomed.

Meanwhile, back on earth, honest people should have guns and criminals should not.

In other words, what is true is exactly what the lawyers say is not true. Lawyers say that the rules must protect everybody equally. Reality says that rights need to depend heavily on the individual's history.

In one case, a nineteen year old killed four people running away from the police in a car. He had been arrested EIGHTEEN TIMES for the same offence.

We keep being told that we need to do something for hardened criminals in prison because they will soon be back among us. Liberals say, "You can't keep them locked up forever."

Why not?

I was watching an episode of "COPS" where a young guy was laughing at going back to jail again. He had been there so often it was a joke.

To stop crime, what we desperately need is just what all the leftist lawyers like Alan Dershowitz tell us we cannot have: some discrimination between crooks and honest people.

Liberals argue that you must treat a repeater just like an honest citizen.

Liberals argue that you must treat a person with a clean record who carries a weapon just like you would treat any professional thug.

Liberals are ALWAYS wrong.

And when it counts, respectable conservatives are ALWAYS silent.