VIVA TECATE! | 2004-05-22

Tecate is a Mexican beer company that recently made an ad for the California market.

The usual "Hispanic advocates" screamed bloody murder. They said the ad "furthered the stereotyping of Mexicans."

Tecate answered, "The ad was made for adults with an adult sense of humor."

I am sure the California Tecate advertisers will soon confess their ideological error, apologize, grovel around on the floor, and give those full-time professional "Hispanic advocates" money.

But in the meantime, I LOVE Tecate!

A professional black or Hispanic activist is usually a pencil-neck who can't get any attention or earn a living by doing anything else. A professional minority "activist" is a person whose only means of livelihood depends on his being completely humorless and hair-trigger touchy.

A professional black activist is a person who makes his living screaming wildly about the Confederate flag while blacks die by the hundreds of thousands of drug addiction in America and tens of millions of blacks die of AIDS and malnutrition in Africa.

Meanwhile, a stone-hearted white racist named Bob Whitaker went to Africa and created a few jobs for blacks.

This same stone-hearted white racist took his life in his hands, went straight into ghettoes and helped black addicts in recovery. He also conducted recovery meetings in prisons for more blacks than whites. I never got a dime for it.

Mean while, professional black "activists" make a fat living by attacking the Confederate flag from very comfortable offices.

They do that with a grim hard look on their faces. They attack grinning white Southerners who get a kick out of waving Confederate flags. They get paid to scowl and say, "They're after me!"

Meanwhile, Native American activists have also discovered that there is fortune in being humorless. They make a living attacking the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians. The name of a professional sports team is not the main problem American Indians face today, but for "activists," it's a living.

A sense of humor is a sense of proportion, and "activists" can only make a living by having no sense of proportion, no sense of human priorities, whatsoever.

If we ever started laughing at these "activists," it would be like the kid who saw the Emperor was buck naked.

Tecate demands that these pencil-necks have an adult sense of humor, an adult sense of proportion. That would ruin their whole racket.

If we ever started laughing at these "activists," they would have to go out and find honest jobs.