In the 1950s and 1960s, every "progressive" Southerner worshipped New York City.

As usual, I could see back then what was coming, and as always I regarded these Southern liberals with absolute puzzlement. I could not imagine how grownups who could read could possibly be such obvious fools. I saw that New York was about to come apart, yet Southern turncoats regarded them with an open-mouthed, drooling adoration.

In the 1960s, when a girl was slowly stabbed to death in New York while hundreds of New Yorkers stayed in their apartments and didn't even call the police, this astonished all the New York worshippers.

What amazed me was why this incident should have surprised anybody.

New Yorkers were unprejudiced people. Unprejudiced people don't like to get involved.

As unprejudiced people, New Yorkers only got excited abut issues liberals allowed them to get excited about. They have learned not to be concerned about anything liberals do not get excited about. It may bother you to see a mixed couple, but you have been trained that you have no right to an opinion on that.

So you don't get involved. This would strike earlier Americans as odd, but they were a bunch of bigots anyway.

Another place which was admired by liberals in the 1960s was the unprejudiced, brown land called Brazil. I knew that Brazil was a smelly hole where dogs and abandoned children roamed the streets starving. But in the 1950s, liberals worshipped the place becuse there was no racial prejudice there.

Even as a child I could not imagine how any literate adult could regard BRAZIL with the drooling adoration every Southern turncoat expressed as loudly as possible.

Brazilians are unprejudiced people. They don't want to get involved.

Look at the Catholic bishops. For decades, they never gave a damn about raped little boys. But they were out there fighting for racial busing and against capital punishment. They were concerned about what they were told to be concerned with, and they were otherwise perfect sociopaths. That's how they got to be bishops.

You can't become a general or a politician or a bishop of any church today if you are not a sociopath. You can't have the gut feelings your masters denounce, and to have no gut feelings except the ones you are allowed requires a sociopath.

Once you allow someone to tell you which of your feelings is a prejudice and which is a preference, you make that someone your master.