UNCLE BOB NEEDS YOU!! | 2004-02-28

A lot of e-mails I get on the book start with, "Why don't you ..."

Let me explain why I don't " ...."

Now that I have no publisher who can get my interviews and do my publicity, I realize how many things an author cannot do for himself. If the author pushes his book himself, he is immediately ignored as unimportant small fry.

In fact, you can do things for me even a publisher cannot do. Nothing sounds as good as someone who has nothing to gain from a book but who pushes it because he thinks it's worthwhile.

I need readers to give "Why Johnny Can't Think" rave reviews on

I need you to call your local radio show to get me an interview.

I need you to buy copies and give them out, especially to parents of college students.

I need you to ask for reviews of "Why Johnny Can't Think" in local newspapers.

Gang, I have a "to do" list as long as my arm.

Getting a book off the ground is hard work. I need your persistence.

I need your help and I need for you to KEEP IT UP. "Why Johnny Can't Think" is a long-term project. Getting it off the ground will take time, but we are calling for a revolution here.

Please buy it, read it, and help me promote it.

If we get "Why Johnny Can't Think" off the ground, every leftist professor will hate you for it forever.

That's a goal worth working for.