Another reason that the sports media doesn't allow respectable conservatives is that blacks are successful in sports. This success creates a dilemma for the left. Because blacks in sports are so prominent and successful, keeping up the fiction that they are just like everyone else is much harder.

O.J. Simpson is the perfect argument against welfare. Here was a ghetto black given every advantage in life, and he ended up, well, a typical ghetto black. It made no difference. Can you imagine a respectable conservative trying to make an anti-welfare pro-black argument that the average sports fan could understand? Of course not.

Two football players died last week in Tennessee. One was a ghetto kid on scholarship at Vanderbilt University. He went home to the hood for Christmas, and got shot. Everyone interviewed seemed stunned that this could have happened.

Without a scholarship, Vanderbilt University costs about $40,000 a year to attend. When prospective parents take their child there for a presentation on the school, they are told that one of the classes that will be required is "Hip Hop Appreciation."

Parents practically grovel before the adminstrators at Vanderbilt, to have the "priviledge" of sending their child there for $40,000 a year. Can you imagine a respectable conservative trying to make the argument that spending $40,000 a year to go to a school that REQUIRES a course in Hip Hop appreciation and whose leaders seemed stunned that ghetto blacks routinely shoot each other is no reason to object to those same ghetto blacks being mixed in with your precious little child that you are investing so much in?

Reggie White was a black all-star football player who could do no wrong until he made a speech and said that the races had different abilities and that being queer wasn't something good. He died at age 43, and even though it has been several years since that speech, the sports media had to temper their praise for him. Oh, it was wonderful that he was one of the first great black players to sign to play in Green Bay, but he had said those truly terrible things, and that couldn't be forgotten.

If he had been white, like John Rocker, he would have been hounded out of the sport. I'm sure a respectable conservative could justify all this, but who would want to hear it?