Historically, people have tried to explain the accomplishments of white people as being unrelated to skin color. They have tried to explain how the northern climate forced whites to accomplish things.

But in the world before air conditioning, Northern Europe was the most desirable ground on earth. Wave after wave of invasions have tried to take Europe even within the years of written history.

Wave after wave of ever whiter people succeeded in taking and settling Northern Europe.

There are two ways animals and people survive. In the case of Eskimos, they were stopped from moving south into warmer and more desirable lands by the American Indians who were already to the south of them. To survive, they had to adapt to live on the Arctic ice.

There are other groups, like the Indians themselves, who took and held desirable land -- until whites got there.

Some animals, like buzzards, find niches to live in that others have not adapted to. But others like the lion take the ideal places at the top of the food chain.

Like supply and demand and other now-obvious rules of life, the facts of race and history may be so simple that we have overlooked them. Wave after wave of people took the most desirable territory. They therefore look like the people who took the most desirable places.

Finally, the race that conquered the genetic high ground conquered the rest of the world and science and went on instead of stagnating. Looking at history from a distance, this is, like most rules that work, predictable with common sense.

It should be understood that this is not my reason for opposing the idea of letting the entire white world be overrun by the third world. Each race has a moral right to exist. If you say that about any other race it is simple decency, but if you say it about whites you are anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

All I am offering here is a possible explanation of why "third world" is a code word for "colored." In the real world "It's all an accident" won't cut it.