According to liberals, the only problem with Nazism is that it was racist.

Communism, on the other hand, is just misguided Idealism. They're just a bit too rough about it.

That is the ruling doctrine of our society. In their "Dear Commandante" letter, liberal congressmen made it clear that Fidel Castro was a man we could deal with. Above all, Castro and the Chinese Communists and the Vietnamese are people we should do lots and lots of business with.

At the same time, those same liberals are still chasing down every company that did business with Hitler over sixty years ago.

There is nothing wrong with doing business with totalitarians who kill people and have concentration camps. The only thing that matters is the IDEOLOGY those totalitarians follow.

I was watching a British documentary which showed film footage of the at least 200,000 children that Communist North Korea is systematically starving to death. If the Koreans carrying the hidden cameras had been caught, they would have been shot.

Ted Kennedy demands that we have direct negotiations with the North Korean Government. Why get all upset about a couple of hundred thousand kids?

Stalin starved millions of Ukrainians to death. When Mel Gibson compared Stalin's starvation of Ukrainian kulaks to Hitler killing Jews, Alan Colmes was terribly upset. He said there was no comparison between starving a bunch of Ukrainians in the name of Socialist Idealism and killing Jews in the name of racism.

Another observation only Bob Whitaker will make

If the North Korean Government were systematically starving two hundred thousand JEWISH children to death, the United States Marines would be on their coast right now, atomic bombs be damned.

And Teddy Kennedy would demand that anyone who wanted to negotiate with North Korea be tried as a War Criminal.

The next time someone tells you all children are equally precious, try THAT out on them.