Flight 93 was the plane that the hijackers seized for an attack on the Pentagon on September 11. The passengers fought back and the plane crashed in Pennsylvania. Before they fought back, many of the passengers called their families on cell phones and said goodbye.

A mother of one of the passengers got to hear the recordings and she was so proud of her son's heroism on that day her glowing pride showed over her grief. Those in authority do not want us to hear that, but we did get the words of one of the passengers who, getting up to go after the hijackers, spoke his last words. "Let's roll."

That's cool heroism.

We will probably never hear the full tapes, because many police officials and other agents of Authority do not like for Americans to look at themselves as heroic.

We are supposed to be helpless cowards. We are supposed to cower under a bed and let the Authorities take charge.

So if someone robs you, you are told never, never, never, never to be armed. You are told to submit and give a robber anything he wants. Invite him home to rape your daughter.

The officials who tell us that would have told the Flight 93 passengers to submit quietly. Don't make trouble.

But, like their ancestors, those Americans, despite all the brainwashing, went right out and made trouble. In doing so, they died saving countless others that airplane would have been used against.