Please, please read February 22, 2003 - The Three Word Solution to the North Korean Problem.

This article explains that we must make a CHOICE about North Korea.

Right now we are moderating with both Koreas. We don't challenge North Korea, but we are keeping troops in South Korea. South Koreans have elected two consecutive presidents who demand that our troops get out. So we are begging and bribing them to please let us protect them.

We will end up compromising. We will find a way to prop up the North Korean regime, just as we constantly saved every other Communist regime. We will end up bribing anti-Americans and compromising with the South Koreans and the Chinese and the Japanese.

If we gave Koreans and Japanese a date line for pulling our troops out, they would have a cow. We would get more cooperation than we ever wanted. But that would be a real decision. That would be a one-way decision that would offend liberals.

A real decision would offend the people who want to please liberals: the moderates, respectable conservatives, and neoconservatives.

If Bush even hinted at pulling troops out of Korea, the media would just mention the word "isolationism" and he would be on his knees.

Please, please read February 22, 2003 - What Happens If You're not an "Isolationist"

North Korea is a deadly serious matter, like asking the Iraqis to rebel was in 1991.

But we fall down in front of a cliché. Can anybody see how horrible it is to play with lives to avoid clichés?