THESE 186 WORDS MUST BE OUTLAWED!!!!! | 2002-06-08

I see a line of champion runners from Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, and so forth. I am not surprised to see they are all black. I predict that the winners of almost any Marathons will be blacks.

If they were half white, these runners would lose.

The fastest short-distance runners come from one side of Africa, the fastest long-distance runners from the other. So far, nobody has any trouble with the obvious fact I have just pointed out.

Now I look for the countries that lead USEFUL technical development. Not pyramids or human sacrifice cults and huge and impressive accumulations of slaves, I mean USEFUL.

I also mean the countries which 1) lead the way and 2) to whose lands all other peoples want to immigrate. Orientals can copy from them, but Orientals stagnate.

Just as all the runners are black, all these peoples are white.

You have to believe that any race not only can do what whites do, but they WILL do what whites do. You have to believe that half black whites could and WOULD do exactly what whites do.