THE YELLOW CLOUD | 2002-08-31

This particular leftist conference of European and Third World Wisdom is going to tell America how to handle the environment. A large part of the delegations are coming to South Africa from under the "yellow cloud" that is forming over India and southeast Asia.

This yellow cloud is something unprecedented, but it is perfectly predictable by anybody who does not represent World Environmental Wisdom.

As any reasonably intelligent person knows, a primitive industrial economy produces far, far, far more pollution than a more advanced one. If America had produced a tenth of this Asian "yellow cloud" of pure choking pollution, it would have made world headlines.

Long before Chernobyl, Communist countries always produced a lot more pollution and environmental destruction than the more advanced and productive western economies, but World Opinion never breathed a word about it.

But this particular yellow cloud is not coming from Red China. This one is coming from the leftists' pet, that Wise and Wonderful Third World in lower Asia.

Those Third World Idealist geniuses who are going to tell us how to run America's environmental policy are leaving their own lands at a good time. For a while they won't choke on the results of their own environmental policy.

This yellow cloud has already spread around Asia, and we are going to probably see signs of it over here before long.