Right after the Convention, Griffin made the ultimate sacrifice: He actually READ my book, Why Johnny Can't Think: America's Professor-Priesthood cover to cover. He LOVED it. It is every bit as descriptive of the leftist professor tyranny of Britain as it is of the one in America.

And much of the humor in it is exactly the kind an Englishman would appreciate. It would cause a LOT of trouble over there. That is just the sort of thing this kind of government persecution is meant to stop.

Nick is ordering a couple of cases of the book for BNP distribution. He has plenty of serious matters to deal with, but finds my book important enough to add that to his plate. No matter whether they will soon be convicted or not, the British tyranny has crippled the BNP for some time.

I am proud to stand with men like Tyndall and Griffin. You will remember that when the head of the Canadian Free Speech Movement was caught with copies of my book at the Canadian border, the books were seized.

I am not in the same league as people like Tyndall and Griffin, but I am very proud to be on their side. My reason for writing the book and working to get it out there, is to try and stop the Inquisition of Political Correctness before it goes as far as it has in Britain.

Maybe we can keep some of our best men from having to face jail time for standing up for us.