THE TRUTH OFFENDS | 2005-08-06

My program, "What is Truth?" only talks about Pilate and Christ for a few minutes. The overwhelming majority of it is dedicated to examining what truth is NOT.

Truth is not what you want to believe. And truth is not something that offends no one.

Free speech is not the right to say anything that doesn't offend anybody. Every slave in the Old South had the right to say anything he wanted to so long as it didn't offend anybody.

So the Modern Inquisition excuses its oppression by saying it only suppresses discussion that offends people. You can accuse American troops of routinely killing and raping people, but if you say that less than six million Jews died in the Holocaust or that races aren't equal, you are being offensive. You must go to prison in Europe or be professionally ruined here if you say the wrong thing.

Obviously that is the excuse but that is not the reason. We all know the REASON for punishing free speech. Political Correctness relies heavily on the Holocaust and on the evil of white people to empower its professor-priesthood extortion racket.

They have a reason to say what they say.

So I have a reason not to believe them.