Eisenhower was a horrible man. Party-loyal Republicans are horrible little bastards. They have no interest in the American people. Moderate Republicans 1) want to keep their military-industrial complex happy and, 2) they want to keep liberals happy.

That is what moderate Republicans called "middle of the road," keeping liberals on the one hand happy and the generals and big businessmen happy on the other.

But if moderate Republicans were bad, liberals were worse. Republicans just wanted to sell out America. Liberals wanted to destroy us. They openly hated whites. They openly hated America.

Today, liberals are for "peace," but they are only for "peace" with those who hate America. When defending Saddam, every liberal spokesman makes it look like Saddam is right on every point and America is evil. Liberals really love that last part.

During the entire Cold War, liberals insisted they were not actually friendly to the Communists. But they always made every argument that any Communist would have made.

Liberals said they were anti-Communist, but they were being Shrewd about it.

See January 26, 2002 - "WHEN DUMMIES TRY TO BE 'SHREWD'."

After decades of this, every Polish hard hat in Chicago could listen to a liberal on television and he would say, "This guy hates America and loves the Reds." But William F. Buckley and every other respectable conservative would insist that his beloved liberal opponents were wonderful people and great Americans, and mean it.

If liberals could not tell that respectable conservatives really meant that liberals were loyal Americans, those conservatives would no longer have been "respectable." To be respectable, you don't just have to be mindless, you have to be TRULY mindless, SINCERELY mindless.

Does any of this sound familiar?

So during the Cold Warm, we had a choice between following truly mindless people or supporting outright traitors.

Does this choice sound familiar?