How could anybody be as stupid as Bush Senior? How could anybody be as murderously stupid as to apply "moderation" to Iraqi politics?

Once a stupid person hears about "the middle of the road", he can never be cured of it. It is no accident that the retard Jerry Ford is still the champion of "the middle of the road". Jerry Ford tried the "middle of the road" in 1976 and lost. Reagan went to the right in 1980 and not only crushed the same Jimmy Carter who beat Ford, but for the first time in forty years Reagan won the Senate away from the Democrats.

Reagan got reelected and he got Bush Senior elected as his successor. Then Bush Senior went back to "the middle of the road" and lost, big-time, in 1992.

Then, in 1994, Newt Gingrich took the party to the hard right and won both Houses of Congress, including the House of Representatives for the first time in over forty years.

Almost every member of the real congress, the one that gets elected, is either left or right. So what kind of moron could say that victory lies "in the middle of the road"? Even Bush Junior learned not to call himself a moderate the way his father did.

But the last time I saw an interview with Jerry Ford, he was still saying the key to victory was in the middle of the road. It just sounds so nice and logical that once he hears it, a truly stupid person can never think beyond it.

CNN's official political expert Bill Schneider and every other liberal advises Republicans to go to the middle of the road.

Meanwhile, political commentators do not say that Democrats need to go to the right. They say Democrats lose because "They don't stick to their principles and offer a real alternative".

If you are an American, this middle of the road drivel just costs you a political disaster in the long term. But when you mouth absurdities in Iraqi politics, the result is a human nightmare for the people.

Nothing liberals advocate ever works. The moderate policy of compromising with insanity in American politics is just stupid. In Iraq it is murder, and worse than murder.