Last year, the State Newspaper conducted a campaign to get the old antimiscegenation language removed from the state constitution. The State did not allow a word of opposition to appear in its pages. When I objected to this, a lot of people busted a gut about it. They told me to just be quiet, it didn't matter.

They told me to just be quiet, because if I didn't liberals would say I was being a RACIST.

They said just be quiet, it didn't matter anyway. Just let it pass, they said, and that would be the end of it.

But many, many years of experience in politics have taught me this: when liberals spend that much effort on something, that is NEVER the end of it.

I keep warning people that our failure to denounce the State's newspapers' censorship of all opposition to removing the antimiscegenation provisions from the state constitution last November would cost us. In its lead editorial for Friday, February 26, The State newspaper began a campaign to cut off all state aid for students attending conservative Bob Jones University. Bob Jones University discourages interracial dating and interracial marriage. The State points out that the voters of South Carolina ENDORSED interracial dating and interracial marriage by voting for the provision to remove the antimiscegenation provision from the state constitution in November of 1998!

I told you so.

Back in November, all our "conservative" leaders were telling me we dare not oppose that antimiscegenation vote, because that would get us declared racists. I said that, if that provision passed, liberals would use it and use it and use it. Please look at my October 24 article, "Liberal Spores," which explains how liberals routinely get what they want by saying they want no more, and then surface and push for more a little later.

Please look at my January 2 article, "Censorship Pays," which describes what ELSE liberals will be demanding because we did not oppose removing that antimiscegenation provision. Those who did NOT openly oppose this provision in terror of the "racist" label, which is pretty well everybody, have no right whatever to complain when the media blank them out. The media blanked out any debate on this provision, and nobody said a word.

As I have explained before, that is why the left always protects the rights of Communists. They know that if they allow the right to terrify anyone by yelling "Communist," they will have to spend the rest of their lives explaining how their opinions are not like Communist views. The right lets the left scare them with the label "racist," and the respectable right always abandons anyone the left chooses to call "racist."

So naturally, the left uses the label "racist" ALL THE TIME. They used it here to justify outright censorship, and no one objected.

So from now on, in order to get any media exposure, you are going to have to explain why no one can call you a racist.

You are going to have to explain this in public despite the fact that you will not be allowed to say anything in the media.

And our silence last November endorsed this.

I explained this in my October 3 article, "Respectable Conservatives - They're Just Bureaucrats" and in my September 26 article, "Respectable Conservatives Kill Their Wounded."

How many readers are willing to state that Bob Jones is the last conservative institution liberals are going to use this pro-miscegenation vote to attack?

Please note I use the term "promiscegenation." But wasn't removing that provision just a little piece of housecleaning, since the federal court had already knocked it down? Isn't that what they assured us last November?

That was last November. Now The State has announced that that vote was PROmiscegeneation. The State has announced that the voters of South Carolina didn't just do a little housecleaning, they approved of miscegenation and interracial dating.

That little myth didn't last long, did it?

As long as we can be terrified into cowardly silence by the word racist, or by shouts of "anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews," or by any other label, you can forget about your right to speak.

What goes around comes around. When you are dealing with people like the liberals, and you do not stand up for others' right to speak, it will soon be your turn.

But what about the old dodge that racists are just leftists, so we should join liberals in suppressing them? As I explained before, this is an old line, and liberals love it. It is so old William Buckley used it all the time. Buckley wanted liberals to approve of him, so he said he would jump in and destroy anybody liberals denounced as racists.

In return, Buckley wanted liberals to denounce Communists and prevent outright Communists from getting lead editorial status in top American newspapers. Liberals laughed at him and went right on with what they were doing. Buckley, as always when liberals insist on something, went along with them.

The result of this effort is that liberals never have to explain why they have the right to be heard, no matter how pro-Communist their views might be. No respectable conservative ever mentions that antiwar protests in the 1960s always had Communist flags in them. We all agreed the left had a right to do that.

Only the right has to jump under the table and gibber its apologies when its masters shout the right words. Only the right has to spend a major portion of its limited media space explaining what it is NOT.

All for lack of guts.

The left is actually terribly, terribly weak. The only thing that keeps it going is our leaders' lack of brains and courage.

A question: how many South Carolina conservatives are willing to bet this is the last time The State newspaper will use that promiscegenation vote to denounce South Carolina conservatives like Bob Jones University?