THE PC TITHE | 2002-08-10

Like all established religions, Political Correctness cannot be accused of changing its doctrine. If a conservative points out that PC doctrine was wrong he will cease to be respectable and the media will ruin him.

Also, like any other established religion, Political Correctness has a tithe everybody must pay. So when the Red Cross and the United Way got money for the victims of September 11 they started financing PC programs with it. The one I remember was an anti-hate workshop put on by professional "anti-haters," i.e., priests of Political Correctness (who are among the world's best real haters when it comes to people like Maurice).

When the entertainment industry pays its tithe to the left it is called a "social message." You have to give a certain proportion of any movie to racial balance, interracial sex, making fun of Christians, and showing how cowardly white gentiles are.

O'Reilly did attack the charities for not giving money to the victims of 9-11. But if he had mentioned that it was routine for them to give at least a tithe of contributors' money to liberal causes, he would have been a real hero.

But,once again, you will only see that mentioned here.