No one talks all the time about what a hero he was in the War if he has had a life since.

People my age know a lot of people who talk all the time about how rough they had it in World War II.

Those guys are pathetic, but they are not the problem.

Most of the World War II veterans I know do not flout it. The World War II veterans I am kin to do not flout it. They talk about the lives they have had since.

Let me tell you the real problem I have with those who call themselves The Greatest Generation.

On television there was a public discussion of immigration. One old World War II veteran had on his paper hat, and he said, "I fought a war so there wouldn't be borders."

There had to be other World War II veterans in the audience, but not one of them contradicted him.

They never do.

They never have.

They never will.

Do you know what it feels like to be fighting to close our borders to open immigration and to have some old man who says he's a war hero saying he fought and all his buddies died to open the borders?

Can you imagine how it feels when not one single old man in the audience has the courage to contradict him?

Well, I know EXACTLY how it feels. I have been in that position a number of times. That is why I do NOT worship the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation.

Twenty years ago I remember Pat Buchanan saying that American soldiers fought and died in World War II so that Europe would be opened up to third world immigration.

Yes, Pat Buchanan. Yes, that is what he said.

No, Pat Buchanan is not a member of the Greatest Generation. But at least a hundred thousand members of the Greatest Generation heard him say their buddies died for third world immigration.

Not one single member of the Greatest and Bravest generation had the guts to tell Pat, "My buddies fought for freedom. They did NOT fight for third world immigration!"

What bothers me about the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation is not the braggarts who had no life since the War. Most of them are not braggarts.

What is wrong with the self-declared Greatest Generation is not the clowns in the paper hats who say they fought the War to open up white countries to the third world.

What bothers me is that I have never heard one single member of the Greatest Generation who ever had the courage to say these words IN PUBLIC: "No, that is NOT what my buddies died for."

Not one.