The leftist actually made a conservative point in saying, "On being a racist, we're all inherently and subconsciously racist deep down. Don't you think?"

What he is saying here is that what is called "racism" is a fixed part of human nature, in other words, is normal.

The very goal of the left is to change human nature, which shows that the left is anti-human.

The social sciences have created an enormous power base in the universities by fighting "problems" which are not problems at all, but merely human nature.

A wise sage once said that problems, by definition, have solutions. If something doesn't have a solution, then it isn't a problem.

Since there is no solution to the "problems" of human nature, any attempt to create one is by definition inhuman.

Of course, phony, insolvable "problems" lead to unlimited budgets, campaigns, "War on [fill in the blank]" and opportunities for the worst psychopaths to get on their soapboxes. The social sciences get a blank check for whatever idiocy they can come up with. Vague words like "racism" are just weapons they can use to beat submission out of cowering students and everyone who dares oppose them.

Now do you see why Political Correctness is nothing less than tyranny?