You can tell by the title that is an old, old, old liberal strategy. It was old back when blacks were called Negroes.

I got an example of the Negro Outrage Gambit the other day. A guy who said he was black repeated every liberal cliché in the book about white evil. Since he is black, I am supposed to take this, not as a recitation of liberalism's silliest crap, but as genuine Negro Outrage.

It was probably from a liberal. Everybody knows exactly what the Outraged Negro is going to say.

These Negro Outrage things always include a threat or two. He told me how blacks would get white women.

If a white person writes a whole book and happens to mention to mention that he would like to get rid of blacks somewhere in it, you would expect a black man to pick up on that. All Negro Outrage includes a reference to getting white women, but whites are not supposed to notice.

I pointed out to him that present "anti-racist" policy requires that EVERY white majority country bring in and integrate with non-whites, and that liberal policy demands that ONLY white majority countries bring in the third world and mix with them.

Blacks and browns are regarded by liberals as a weapon against whites, and that was what he was talking about, too.

I told him that I am white, and I don't like his genocide.

He never wrote back. They never do.

The one thing that neither liberals nor Outraged Negroes can deal with is a white man who insists that he has feelings, just like people do. No respectable conservative will ever say that.

But then again, no respectable conservative ever has the guts to identify himself as white.