THE MCCAIN FILE | 2003-03-15

Only McCain and the North Vietnamese know what he told the interrogators. McCain insists that he showed not the slightest heroism. He insists that he gave them information to survive. He names others who did not and who died for it. He says he did not want to die so he cooperated.

According to the public record and his own words, McCain cooperated with the enemy from the very first.

Vietnam has the McCain file. Senator John McCain is the best friend that North Vietnam has in the United States Senate. Every group looking for American POWs in Vietnam hates him.

Some day that file may surface. McCain is ready for that. He has made it very, very clear that he gave the Viet Cong what he wanted. It is other people who keep insisting that he heroically resisted. McCain insists that he did no such thing.

I believe him.