Anti-white: So if I am against Asians who say that blacks are inferior, I'm being anti-white?

Pro-white: It doesn't matter if you also believe horses are purple. The point is that what you are pushing the idea that white people don't have a right to have anything that is exclusively theirs.

Anti-white: That doesn't make any sense. I make a statement about my beliefs saying that as many people of European ethnic backgrounds can immigrate to wherever they want and you respond that whites are exclusively under attack. What? How did that contradict anything I said? Anti-racist is not a code word for anti-white. I am against racism in all its forms. I am against, say, a Japanese person or a Zulu or whatever being racist against European peoples.

Pro-white: This is how your "anti-racism" works on Planet Earth: There can no exclusively white anything.

Anti-white: I don't believe so called "anti-racists" are so much anti-white. I would more likely refer to them as deceived. Most of them have been indoctrinated by the mainstream Politically Correct press and media and most have probably attended university, which has furthered their brainwashing.

Pro-white: They are anti-white and proud of it. To white anti-whites hating white people is a form of virtuous self-sacrifice. Remember that we are part of a tradition both Puritan and monastic Catholicism that has often gone overboard in the area of self-hatred. There is a fine line between acknowledging one's guilt and going into all-out self-hatred, and our established religion Political Correctness wipes that line out on racial issues. The first building stone of our established religion today is total self-hatred. If any European professor said the same things about blacks or Orientals or above all Jews that European professors routinely say about whites he would be in prison. Anti-whites are proud to be anti-white.

Anti-white: The most anti-racist people are white? How can they be anti-themselves? That correlation makes no sense.

Pro-white: It's called treason, dumb-dumb. It happens all the time. You've never heard of self-hatred? You are part of a program to end the existence specifically of the white race. That is its practical, real result. To say that is not anti-white is like saying that those who supported slavery were just objectively pro-property.

The Mantra in Action: Questions and Answers II

Anti-white: Every man who says they've never thought of having sex with a colored woman is just a plain old homosexual. You racist-homosexuals disgust me. The big problem is that you racists are scared because now you are in the minority. You can hate religion, that's your right, but just hating the color of someone's skin is so dumb.

Pro-white: Then why do you hate the color of white skin? This is entirely a matter of skin color.

Anti-white: I'm an anti-racist and I hate all racists including the KKK, NAACP, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Pro-white: But you only seek to destroy one race, the white race.

Anti-white: Race doesn't exist.

Pro-white: A forensic pathologist must to keep his job testify that there is no such thing as race and be able to tell the race of a victim from a few scraps or bones. If race does not exist then why do you demand the annihilation of white people by assimilation? In order to graduate a forensic specialist must spout the Politically Correct line that there is no such thing as race. But to keep his job he must be able to tell the race of the most damaged victim of which he has only decayed scraps. In every country with an established religion like today's Political Correctness scientists are required to repeat the Party Line but ignore it in serious business. Since anti-whites are tape recorders they wouldn't understand that. They just repeat it, they don't think about it.

Anti-white: Are we in the present or 1800?

Pro-white: The answer to your question is that you are still in 1800 fighting the New England slave trade, while I am living in the present where the real situation is that all white countries are being overrun with non-whites and whites are forbidden to have anything exclusively white.

Anti-white: Where did I say that the immigration into Liberia or Botswana is white? Would you be kind enough to point it out? The point is that people move between countries and not all movement is necessarily to white nations. I am sure that the movement into Singapore is not white either, but Asian.

Pro-white: This is about race. I repeat, I never said a word about all immigration being to white countries. Singapore could cut off all immigration tomorrow and no one would object. All white countries and only white countries are required by you self-styled anti-whites to bring in non-white races in huge numbers.

Anti-white: Race mixing is a result of conquest. Look at all the Italians, the Spanish, and the Russians. All those Latinos are partially white, every last one of them. You might call me a race lover of nonwhites, but we whites brought it onto to ourselves when we conquered these peoples. Is it bad? I like authenticity, but I would say it is a personal choice.

Pro-white: All crime is a matter of personal choice.

The Mantra in Action: Questions and Answers III

Anti-white: No one can force you to accept diversity.

Pro-white: Then you describe the diversity we are forced to accept. So you've never heard anybody talk about a race problem? You've never heard the white race condemned? You've never heard anybody insist on open borders? You've never heard anybody say the Final Solution to race the problem is mixing the races when they mean only mixing races in predominantly white countries? I am not even sure this comes up to the level of a good solid lie. It is certainly not a reply, and it is less than childish.

Anti-white: We prefer to be called pro-humanity.

Pro-white: Stalin called himself a friend of humanity, too. Whites who are anti-white are the most rabid of all. It makes you feel virtuous.

Anti-white: Of course the anti-whites don't seem to understand that 60% of Jews make up the student body of Georgetown or Harvard and are considered to be "whites."

Pro-white: Jews are whatever they choose to all themselves at the moment, minority, white, religion, or nation. Anyone who contradicts them is ANAZIWHOWANTSTOKILLSIXMILLIONJEWS.

Anti-white: I'm not a racist and I'm not a white nationalist. I don't hate white people and I'm not against whites preserving their culture and identity. I'm white. What I'm against is this hatred that many white nationalists have towards people of color.

Pro-white: Anti-whites are always spouting about how massive immigration and assimilation demanded of all white countries and only white countries is just Freedom. The same anti-white who spouts this libertarian nonsense knows very well that free speech does not apply to pro-whites. They keep saying we can live in our own bunkers if we want to. Meanwhile back on Planet Earth it is forbidden for us to do so. The fact is that exclusively white areas are forbidden because all the white people will move there. If we had freedom of choice integration would be doomed in the long term. That is the justification for our entire set of laws.

Anti-white: I don't believe this. I'm fine with as many Europeans emigrating outside of Europe and other European-majority regions.

Pro-white: All anti-whites claim that. But in the real world they only demand it for the elimination of any place that is exclusively white.

The Mantra in Action: Questions and Answers IV

Anti-white: There are non-whites that do not benefit from any programs or quotas but just want an end to all kinds of discrimination and racism because it is wrong. There are more whites in Africa than there are blacks in Europe, there are more whites in Asia than there are Asians in America, There are more whites in India than there are Indians in Scotland.

Pro-white: If you select it this way, there are more Eskimos in America, too. But Europe and America will be a majority non-white by the middle of the century and that is what you support. Your intent is to eliminate white countries. Genocide of white people is what you call "assimilation".

Anti-white: The all-black runners' competition shows the value of diversity.

Pro-white: The runners' competition comprised of all blacks is exactly what we would expect to see in a real championship event. Imagine a country made up 90% of whites. The 10% brown ones would get a better life. In the real world blacks are better runners and whites are better at providing a high standard of living. The all black running event simply shows what blacks obviously do best. You can talk until you are blue in the face about how that is accidental but no one is going do anything but laugh at you. Blacks win the race. Mulattoes lose it. Get rid of the whites and the whole world looks like the colored countries where people do not want to go. Anti-whites make the standard diversity arguments to try to prove that nonwhites' wanting to live in white countries is irrelevant, that the issue is love for humanity. This is, speaking charitably, moronic.

Anti-white: I would love for my son to marry a nice Panamanian girl but if he wants to marry a Colombian or an American what can I do about it?

Pro-white: Get real. The only right being suppressed is the right of white people to have their own lands and you know it.

Anti-white: I'm researching white nationalism and am interested to find out some answers to my questions. 1.) Do you believe that we did an injustice to the American Indians after we became a country? Why or why not? 2.) Do you believe we have a financial obligation to American Indians and African Americans that were brought over during the slave trade? 3.) What do you think is the reason white nationalist groups are developing very quickly? 4.) How do you feel about white people who do not agree with your point of view? 5.) Do you believe it is wrong to hurt someone when they do not agree with you or if they are part of a minority group?

Pro-white: If each Indian tribe is paying reparations to the people they replaced whites might pay, too. If Inuits are paying reparations to the Nordics they replaced, it might be OK. If the blacks are paying reparations to the Hottentots they forced out and slaughtered all over Capoid Africa, maybe so. Do you know any real history at all?

Anti-white: The people of Russia and Eastern Europe are unmistakably part of the European race, but they are not considered Western. Ultimately, what does that mean?

Pro-white: It means white people have different cultures.

Anti-white: I'm white. My father is Austrian. My mother is American and she is of mostly English and French descent. I was born with blond hair and blue eyes, but as the days went on my hair has turned brown. That's 100% the truth. Call me a race traitor if you want. I don't care.

Pro-white: You are a true traitor. I pointed out that whites had done nothing that non-whites would not have done had they had the power. You said that was not proven. Are you saying that whites are genetically evil and need to be done away with? That is not an intellectual position. That is a declaration of war and should be treated as such.

Anti-white: You claim that non-whites are more violent. White people have done much violence and killed many people. It doesn't make sense. Think about it, white people have caused destruction everywhere. North America, South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East. Is there any place that whites haven't wrecked?

Pro-white: Whites have committed no evils other races would not have done had they had the power. Slavery was everywhere. What was shameful was that whites would sink to it. Only white people ever felt ashamed of slavery and abolished it. Whites have committed no unique evils. We have also done many, many unique good things.

The Mantra in Action: Questions and Answers V

Anti-white: Wouldn't a melting pot under your logic be the genocide of every race?

Pro-white: The melting pot is only forced on white countries and only white countries. Are you one of those who support diversity but do not support diversity if diversity includes white people?

Anti-white: Can you present an example of an anti-racist and show where they made the argument that anti-racism meant anti-white?

Pro-white: You want me to show you examples of anti-racists who argue for immigration, integration and intermarriage?

Anti-white: Are whites being forced to intermarry? No.

Pro-white: You will be condemned for racism if you oppose intermarriage. In my country you can go to jail for racism. The government protects the right to be anti-white but tries to do away with the right to be pro-white.

Anti-white: How about if certain people do not like the idea of racial mixing, do they die and don't produce white children? Why do you not mention any other racial genocide? Why only white?

Pro-white: I think that all races have a right to exist. Diversity, remember? Why are all of you so hostile to white survival?

Anti-white: Please provide a scientifically valid definition of race. Or in other words, prove to me it is a concept that actual maps onto something real and significant in an empirical objective reality.

Pro-white: If somebody wanted a world with just white people would you say that it would be okay because you could not find a scientifically valid definition of race? I would oppose that. I think that all races have right to survive, including my race. Aren't you people supposed to be in favor of diversity? Isn't that strength? I guess you do not think so when diversity includes white people. See why I think you are anti-white?

Anti-white: I would think a large gene pool would be ideal for the genetic traits of future generations, not purposefully maintaining a tiny one, essentially racial inbreeding.

Pro-white: You always come up with "new ideas" and those "new ideas" never includes white people. See why I think anti-racists are just anti-white?

Anti-white: Stop obsessing over your skin color.

Pro-white: Would you be in favor of an all white world because skin color does not matter? Diversity? I think that all races have a right to exist, including my race. Why do you keep justifying genocide by saying it is just skin color?