How can I show the KGB was even worse than the CIA?

Like the legions of Soviet spies US Government Top Secret positions, the evidence of Soviet incompetence is a matter of public record.

One after another, Americans who had information the Soviets couldn't get from all their agents had to walk to walk right into the Soviet Embassy in Washington and offer to sell it.

So why couldn't the network of Soviet speies get this stuff?

Each KGB agent had his own recruits. They were his stock in trade in the KGB. He would have been scared to death if some agent had reported to him that somebody had information to sell. He would have sat on it, trying out how to make the most of it for himself. He would have been afraid it was wrong and that would be blamed on him.

The complications were endless.

So the big spies had to go into the Soviet Embassy on their own.

The 9/11 catastrophe would have been avoided if he INS and FBI had shared information with the CIA. But that information was the stock in trade of the INS and the CIA. Their higher-ups have a system of trading information. If a lower-down gave that information to another agency he would be ruined.

So will we ever know who as responsible for the criminal failure to share information that led to 9/11?

Of course not.

It's Top Secret.