Neanderthal Man was built for frigid climates. His had a large, flat nose designed to heat the frigid air before it reached his lungs. His diet consisted exclusively of meat to give him the huge number of calories to keep his body warm in the freezing lands of the Ice Age. His body was square and compact to minimize the surface area exposed to subzero temperatures.

The Science Channel recently had a documentary on how "Modern Man" replaced the Neanderthals. It showed black Africans in loin cloths moving in on the Neanderthals. The documentary said that Modern Men Came from Africa, so they must have been black.

Until the 1920s blacks died like flies in the Northern United States because their dark skins did not let them get enough of the "sunshine vitamin." Vitamin D. And compared to the area where "modern man" drove out Neanderthal, those Northern states were Miami Beach in the middle of summer.

And even if "modern man" did come from Africa, it took them thousands of years to reach Neanderthal territory. No one with black skin could have lived that long in Europe in the Ice Age, even if he did wear more than a loin cloth.

This Science Channel picture of naked blacks invading Neanderthal territory is in the category of Bill O'Reilly's insistence that the Founding Fathers wanted government-sponsored interracial dancing or Hannity's insistence that Jesus died on the Cross for interracial dating. It makes the Sullivan Decision look like a minor transgression.

You may have to be nuts to be an integrationist, but it obviously helps.