When the World War II generation took the helm around 1938, there were only two truly totalitarian regimes on earth, Stalin's USSR and Hitler's Germany. They were deadly enemies.

After the Greatest Generation Saved the World and as they ceased to be the dominant group in the 1950's, a third of the world was under a single totalitarian rule, that of Communism. The Communists had killed more people in peacetime before Hitler did his killing in his concentration camps during the War, and the Communists killed more people in peacetime AFTER the War than Hitler did during wartime in camps or in battle.

That is what "Saving the World" meant.

The accomplishments of The Greatest Generation are beloved by Brokaw as they are by all liberals, neoconservatives and respectable conservatives. They couldn't care less if people get killed or oppressed, as long as the killing and oppression comes from the political left. For them, that is not Pure Evil Hate, like Hitler.

Communist killing and tyranny is merely Misguided Idealism.

I listened the other day while Bill O'Reilly and a leftist agreed that Communist slogans on tee-shirts in a high school were OK, but Nazi ones should get a student expelled.

The Supreme Court has ruled that an employer can fire a worker for being a Klan member, but not for being any kind of Communist.

This is the world that the World War II Generation made, and Brokaw loves it.

I don't.