For the first time since the Fugitive Slave Acts, the United States has given a name to Americans trying to escape, and is actively using force to prevent it.

This form of escape is called "white flight." When a few whites are allowed to escape from communities into which nonwhites are moving, the rest follow. A few whites escape, then other whites follow them. Finally even the whites who hate whites most, good leftists, join the exodus. So the new Fugitive Slave Policy goes into effect. Busing and "low cost" housing are used to enforce multiculturalism.

The community goes downhill. A few whites abandon their investment, and escape. The Fugitive White Policy begins again. This happens over and over.

Every professor who wants to keep his job assures us that multiracialism and multiculturalism are wildly successful and make people happy. All the media assure us that practically everybody is wild about multiculturalism and multiracialism. But, like the Communists, they demand that every single stray white person be chased down and jammed into a multiracial community.

Now, I wonder why that is? Liberals generally insist they are all for "devolution" - local independence - but only if it constitutes no threat to them. They cannot allow there to be a place on earth where whites are able to live in their own communities, because they know very well that most whites will want to go there.

Liberals are always quoting surveys where people tell them what they want to hear --- that multiracialism is wildly wonderful and popular with everybody. But, oddly enough, they will never allow any competition with it. Every last white person must be chased down.

One interesting historical note is that Republicans today take exactly the same position on Fugitive White Laws that they took on Fugitive Slave laws in 1860. The 1860 Republican platform makes interesting reading in this respect. It insists, over and over, that a republican Administration will enforce the Fugitive Slave Acts completely.

Today, Republicans leaders bust a gut insisting they will take the lead in chasing down every last white who tries to escape. If anybody tries to set up a private school because they don't want their kids in a ghetto environment, you can count on Republicans to push liberals out of the way, and lead the lynch mob out to get such parents.

Back in the late 1970's, my little group did free press conferences for antibusing marches, along with other grassroots conservative movements. Republicans said the reason there was busing was because the Democratic Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee tied all antibusing initiatives up in his Committee.

But Republicans took over the House in 1995, and the judges still send any kids they want into a ghetto environment. Every one of those judges, of course, sends his own grandchildren to private schools. But the Republicans are not going to change any of that.

After all, the only person who would change any of that will be called anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. What mere child could be worth THAT?

So Republicans take the lead in enforcing the Fugitive White Acts. As the Republican chairman just said, there is no room in the Republican Party for anything liberals choose to call "racism."

In other words, nothing basic has changed since 1860.