The United States has a racial policy in force. It is a policy that is aimed at a final solution to what is referred to as "the RACIAL problem."

Everybody knows that the word "race" here actually means "white," though I am the only person who EVER points that out.

This so-called solution to something called a "race" problem involves something called "multiracialism." But this so-called multiracialism is aimed only at WHITE majority countries. It is aimed at Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the United States, and Canada -oh, and Iceland, too.

It is aimed ONLY at white majority countries.

It is aimed at ALL white majority counties.

White majority countries constitute what is called "the race problem." Solving the "race" problem is a euphemism for solving the WHITE problem. As one New Left leader put it in a burst of honesty in the 1960s: "The white race is the cancer of history." For once, the Love Generation spoke plain English.

If all efforts at promoting the immigration of other races and integrating them were ONLY aimed at Africa, white liberals and respectable conservatives would scream bloody murder.

Likewise with Asia.

Any liberal and any Jack Kemp or George Bush, upon hearing about a large white population anywhere, is going to ask what they are doing about becoming multiracial.

Respectable conservatives and liberals agree that the white problem must be solved.

As long as I am the only person pointing this out, I think we can stop pounding our chests and talking about how we brave souls are going to found and maintain a nation.