My staff told me that WOL readers want information, not my life story. They have also told me in the past that radio interviewers have had to pull information about my life out of me like they were pulling my teeth.

I guess some folks are never satisfied.

But my point here, besides getting you to listen to the program, is to outline how much simpler it is becoming to get out information. ANYONE can do what I'm doing technically.

Not just anyone can say what I have to say like I can say it.

The left has maintained control by restricting access to the media. When you had the "big three" TV networks and local radio, there wasn't much chance of hearing anything they didn't want you to. The growth of cable TV created more channels, which resulted in a bigger market for Respectable Conservatives to try and appease the "unwashed yahoos" as the New York liberals call us.

Now we have satellite radio, cable and satellite TV, and the internet. Soon local radio stations will be digital, allowing several program streams over a single frequency. The information channels are opening up exponentially. There is no way they can keep them filled with the same narrow spectrum of crap we have today.

The radio industry sees the future as centering on what they call "podcasting." That is, people like me running programs that can be downloaded into an "iPod" or similar device and listened to any time and anywhere. An almost infinite variety of programming will be available -- at virtually no cost -- and almost as easy as sending email.

This will kill the left. As much as they rant about "freedom of speech," everybody knows that is the last thing they want. They want to be in control. Since their ideas never work, they can't allow alternative views and ever survive.

No one recognizes the import of something when it is just in its infancy. It is just a curiosity or fad. When, and it is a matter of when, not if, the left is destroyed, it will be because people finally got to hear something different. Something that makes sense.

Something that works.