At the end of World War I it looked as if Communism would very soon own Europe. The people were desperate, actual starvation was everywhere. In that insane War, every traditional institution in Europe had totally discredited itself. The Communist thugs owned the streets.

Then various kinds of fascists took back the streets. They were called "nihilistic" because they did not back any ideology. They were a pure reaction to the Reds. Remember, every institution in Europe, businessmen, the church and all the rest had backed this pointless and insane disaster. At base, the fascist groups were nothing but a nose-to-nose confrontation with the Reds on the streets.

But soon Mussolini and the Hitlers and Francos and the Salazars began to turn these anti-Communist reactions into ideologies.

According to conservative, a well-oiled machine called the Communist Conspiracy now wheeled into position to fight back the threat. With over forty years knee-deep in this kind of political warfare I can tell you that's not the way it worked.

The Communist Conspiracy was a mess. This fascist reaction caught the Communists totally by surprise. Professional Communist intellectuals said not to worry abut it. It was just blip on the screen in the inevitable march of the proletarian revolution. No one did more than Russia to help the German military machine avoid the restriction of the Versailles Treaty and keep up Germany's military power. German forces trained in Russia.

If you think the Communist Conspiracy is a well-oiled ingenious machine, you really need to read the books written about the Soviet Union saved German military strength after World War I. We are dealing with a movement run by a bunch of dumbass college professors and bookish revolutionaries like Lenin and thugs like Stalin who never did a thing in their whole lives that would teach them about reality.

Once again, what you read in whitakeronline is not even on the same planet with what you are used to reading about the whole history of Communism. What you hear from the left is that there were no Communist agents inside the United States and all over Europe working for the Soviet Union. So there could have been no worldwide Communist movement to undermine those fighting Communism.

On the right, you hear that the Roosevelt Administration was heavily infiltrated with Communists. Conservatives say that the whole political left in America and Western Europe was almost entirely dedicated to aiding Moscow.

Lenin openly referred to his legions of "useful fools" in business, but he also referred to them throughout the political left. He used them like puppets. Some of them knew it, some of them didn't.

When the KGB files opened after the fall of the Soviet Union, we found that the conservatives were righter than even Senator Joseph McCarthy had imagined.

In fact, even in the 1960s hundreds of thousands of Americans announced publicly that they were Communists all through the highest levels of academia and all the places McCarthy had been denounced for saying there were Communists.

So were the conservatives proved right? No.

What the conservatives were wrong about was certainly not the legions of Communists and Communist Front groups and "useful fools." What they were wrong about was the perfect machine called the Communist Conspiracy which took direct orders from the political geniuses in Moscow.

The CIA thought those dumbass professors could run an economy. Conservative thought those dumbass professors could run a Conspiracy.