When I went to a Communist country I crossed the dead line. There were land minds and guards with automatic weapons who would kill escapees. Inside the country there were long, long lines at any store that happened to have something for sale.

When I left the country, nobody outside seemed to notice those things, least of all the anti-Communists. They were busy theorizing about evil atheistic Communism versus their own religious values.

Everybody remembers Ronald Reagan's famous words, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

What they do NOT remember is that Reagan's respectable conservative staff removed those words THREE TIMES from his speech and he has to reinsert them himself each time. They did not want him to talk about the Wall he was standing in front of. They wanted him to talk theory.

People in Communist countries wanted FREEDOM from an insane rule by the Communist religion. Nothing in the Communist faith WORKED, but no one was allowed to doubt it. So hundreds of millions of people were enslaved by it while conservatives dribbled theories to each other in National Review.

Today a generation of young people wants freedom from the unbelievably silly professor-priesthood. But National Review and O'Reilly want to dribble theories about a secularist agenda to each other.

It is time for us to tear down the wall in front of us. This insane priesthood must go, not because it is secular, but because it is a priesthood to which our government enslaves us.

It is time we remembered what the Constitution and especially the first amendment to the Constitution, really means.