All respectable conservatives have to insist they are "melting pot" fanatics. To be a respectable conservative you have to be the first to condemn anyone who criticizes Holy Diversity Itself.

Those of us who have always condemned integration (which was the old name for Diversity) have always said that if different races are together, they will be in conflict.

Those of us who opposed integration (now known as "diversity") said that "diversity" would end freedom of speech. We said that a society with two equal races cannot talk frankly about race.

Since then every country where you have different races and a doctrine of Equality has imposed Hate Laws that imprison people for saying the wrong thing.

Those of us who were always against integration, a.k.a., Diversity, always said that government cannot be neutral between different races. In a democracy, someone will take advantage of race, just as someone will take advantage of anything else.

The recent Supreme Court decisions said we were right. The Supreme Court just declared that government must favor non-whites over whites.

The court says that is good because diversity is good.

We who opposed integration, now known as diversity, have argued for fifty years that you cannot have Diversity and speak plain English. In the name of diversity, the Supreme Court just outlawed both logic and plain English.