THE BOTTOM LINE | 2000-11-11

The bottom line is population changes. Everybody knows that is the one thing that determines a country's future. It is also the one thing no conservative is allowed to talk about. And nobody enforces that prohibition more ferociously than respectable conservatives seeking liberal approval.

With the vast increase in liberal Hispanic population in California and other minorities elsewhere -- along with blatantly anti-white liberalism -- the Republican base at its best cannot get this close for much longer. As time passes, we will have more and more disadvantages in this respect.

It is not hopeless, unless we keep playing this mad little game of fake inclusiveness. In this game, libertarians and "Christian" conservatives wimp out on major issues and help liberals label serious opponents "racist." In return, these respectable conservatives get "anti-racist" brownie points from liberals.

They live for that.

In other words, the Great Prohibition on the right is thinking in terms of "us" versus "them." At the same time, liberals openly talk about absolutely nothing BUT "us" versus "them."

We could get some allies if we got some spine. Orientals, for example, have a lot to lose from a minority-ruled America. Even the anti-Communist Republican Cuban vote is melting away, as they move toward their fellow Hispanics. They are moving toward what is clearly the long term winning side.

As so often happens with Whitaker Online, I am simply stating what might be called a Public Secret. I am saying what everybody knows, but nobody dares mention. Population trends are determining the future, and at this time white cowardice makes liberals the sure winners.

As I have said before, I think this whole equation will change as whites become a SELF-CONSCIOUS minority. In twenty years, the political landscape will be unrecognizable, and today's respectable conservatives will be as laughable as the old Whig Party.

In the meantime, no one goes to a sure loser. We have to address who we are and how to deal with the liberal battle for immigration and other identity issues before anyone can take our long-term chances seriously.

It is hideously DIFFICULT to survive if you have to deal openly and intelligently with the issues of race, language and culture. But, in the not-so-long-run, it is IMPOSSIBLE to win if you don't.