THANK GOD FOR PHIL! | 2002-10-19

Liberals want everybody to forget everything that liberals used to predict. They used to say that socialism was inevitable and efficient. Now not only do they not say that, their respectable conservative helpers forget they ever said that. They used to say that genetics had no effect on human action. With DNA and gene-tracking, respectable conservatives must forget liberals ever said that.

Pretty well everything that every Liberal Intellectual used to shout loudly is forgotten. So that CNN attempt to "news hook" the sniper for gun control was a reminder that no respectable conservative is going to mention.

In fact, Phil Donahue is the only regular reminder we have of at least a part of what the liberal faith used to be when there was no one to laugh at it. With Arab terrorists killing thousands, Donahue's only concern is that Arabs may be profiled. Even blacks, the liberals' most slavish supporters, favor profiling Arabs more than whites do.

Chris Matthews, who is on MSNBC just before Phil Donahue, is openly complaining that Phil could destroy his program. Old Phil is singing the old song and wagging his head in that way that always used to convince the housewives, but he is trying to sell that crap to an intellectually mature audience that was raised with all of Donahue's favorite social policies in action.

I hate Phil Donahue, but he is a great counterbalance to the pro-liberal efforts of respectable conservatives. He still truly believes that if you are nice to criminals they will be nice, too. He truly believes that bureaucrats and college professors are the only people who know how to run the economy and the only people not driven by guilt. He maintains his faith that, despite its disastrous failure in the past, educational experimentation will be a big success in the future.

As long as respectable conservatives rule the opposition, the only reminders we have of the old "Truly Intellectual" knee-jerk left are those who will never learn,like CNN and Phil.