As Vice President Gore announced his tie-breaking vote for new gun-control legislation, there were two senators standing with him. One of these was the liberal Democratic from New York, Senator Charles Schumer. In New York State a woman who uses a can of mace to protect her from an attacker gets a mandatory one year in prison. The attacker usually gets probation. New York liberals like Schumer have always been famous for, 1) freeing repeat felons, and 2) prosecuting anybody who defends himself.

The point is that Schumer supports laws that are the nightmare of every legitimate gun owner. He is a nut. That is why we must oppose all gun legislation. This has nothing to do with the merits of the specific legislation. This has to do with the fact that we cannot discuss compromises on gun availability with people who have no intention of sticking by their compromise.

So Schumer (Democrat-New York) is ON RECORD as demanding that all honest people in New York who have guns for self-defense be sent to prison. You will never hear a word about this from Orrin Hatch (Respectable-Utah) or John McCain (Respectable-Arizona). You will never hear a word of this from pet conservative commentators on CNN. You will never hear Pat Buchanan tell a liberal that to his face.

Conservative spokesmen -- ALL conservative spokesmen -- simply refuse to make and REPEAT arguments that could wreck the liberals. I discussed this in the February 6 Whitaker Online article, "The Left repeats, So the Right Loses." Conservative spokesmen -- ALL conservative spokesmen -- are so desperate to gain liberal approval that they simply will not repeat anything that makes liberals really uncomfortable.

It wouldn't be respectable, you see.

On May 8, in "Armed Switzerland and the Colorado Shootings," I pointed out how conservatives in the media -- ALL conservatives in the media -- refuse to use and repeat effective arguments against liberals on gun control. This includes the Pat Buchanans every bit as much as it does standard respectable conservatives.

On May 15, in "Respectable Conservatives never Say 'I Don't Believe You' To A Liberal's Face," I explained that ALL conservative spokesmen refuse to point out what nut-cases liberals are when it comes to gun control. This includes the NRA and people like Buchanan just as much as anybody else.

As the pressure builds up for gun legislation over the Colorado shootings, anti-gun control spokesmen simply refuse to get serious. For them, for ALL of them, personal respectability is far, far more important than principle. Unless their spokesmen finally get serious, all gun-owners will lose. Unless gun-owners start demanding that their spokesmen get serious, they will DESERVE to lose.

With every incident, public demands for gun control increase. Each time our absolute refusal to discuss any rules on gun distribution looks more irrational. But respectable conservatives will never say what must be said about the liberal nutcases with whom we cannot compromise.

Unless we start telling the truth about our opponents, we will lose.

And we will deserve to lose.

Please write the commentators, please write your congressmen, and TELL THEM TO TELL THE TRUTH!