There it hangs, the threat of superterrorism.

You can find out how to make a suitcase-size atomic bomb on the Internet. Russia probably has hundreds of times as much plutonium missing as is needed. Disease and poisoning of water supplies are constantly mentioned as cheaper, less complicated means of superterrorism.

There is no reason liberals or moderates or respectable conservatives would look at this threat. The minute superterrorism appears, the entire, narrow world of liberalism collapses.

As you will see below, the first thing that will disappear as soon as superterrorism appears will be the liberal concept of a society planned on rules set down by social experts.

Liberals don't like to think about superterrorism, so moderates and respectable conservatives ignore it.

Someone once said that facing execution concentrates one's attention wonderfully.

Atomic devices will concentrate our attention wonderfully.

As I mentioned at the Redshirt meeting, the first atomic terrorist explosion will cause instant decentralization. Suddenly, when anybody could carry an atomic device into a community, all this multiracial, multicultural nonsense will evaporate.

Today, liberalism forces us to make heroes of anybody who has a grudge against American society or white people or, in the case of fanatical environmentalism, even mankind itself.

To the liberals, all the other terrorists are just right-wing extremists, but the Unibomber was a semihero. Suddenly, it will no longer be fashionable to treat guilt-sellers as colleagues. The Unibomber will be the man of this future, though compared to his nuclear successors, this leftist radical was a piker. The guy who got his arms blasted off by the Unibomber got his attention concentrated abruptly.

He wrote a book about it, and in that book he no longer shows the usual businessman's tolerance for environmental radicals.

If political resentment leads people to use atomic terrorism, and you say you feel America really belongs to the Indians, I do not want you within a mile of me.


Every liberal and respectable conservative will declare that superterrorism will be end of civilization. Not long ago, that might have been the case. But today, the same thing that makes secession so efficient will preserve civilization after superterrorism, probably without too much of a bump. Industry is no longer concentrated the way it once was. We no longer need the sort of huge cities that superterrorists can threaten as the center of our civilization. We can easily spread out and defend our production facilities.

How will we unite without the United States Army to force all of us to be part of a single Union?

We will do what we should have done in the first place. Communities will make voluntary agreements for trade and mutual protection, as the Confederacy will make with the United States and other countries. Such agreements could easily be more efficient than our present bureaucratic tangle of interstate regulations.

Can civilization survive without the Federal Courts to regulate every facet of our social life? I believe so.