A lot of thirty-year-old white guys wear their caps backwards and their pants low. They want to look like Gangstah Rappers and they want to look Street Wise.

That's pathetic.

Another pathetic thing is young guys who have chains tattooed on them to show they have been in prison or to look like they have.

We live in a society where the Libertarians, who call themselves Intellectuals, insist that a wall to keep Mexicans OUT of the United States is the same as the Berlin Wall which kept people IN East Germany.

So naturally the people in such a society will brag about being IN a prison. After all, it's the same thing as being OUTSIDE a prison, right?

There's a lot of talk about how great it is to be an ex-con. You get all that wisdom, you see. It's called "street smarts."

All our Tough Guy talk and rule by so-called "intellectuals" has produced a society where young people honestly don't know the difference between success and failure. Our Libertarian Intellectuals don't know the difference between a country that has to kill people who try to escape and one that has to keep people out.

And absolutely nobody but WhitakerOnline.ORG is even going to point this difference out! Being in prison makes you a loser. Being on the street makes you a loser. Communist countries are losers.