There is a certain insane logic to the press declaring that Minutemen could cause "REAL trouble on the border."

The same insane logic applies to that soccer team, in the middle of World War I, that might cause REAL trouble in France.

You see, millions of young men were dying in France, but that was not REAL trouble.

Why? Because the Authorities were getting those young men killed. Sure they were dying in horrible agony, but the Proper Authorities were doing it. Prime Ministers and generals have every right to kill a few million young people if they feel like it. That's why they are generals. That's why they are Prime Ministers.

But the soccer team is not the Proper Authorities. There could be a riot at that soccer game, a riot which the Proper Authorities did not authorize.

Sure a few hundred Americans will be attacked this week by illegal immigrants the Proper Authorities, meaning the Border Patrol, let get into the United States.

So what?

The Border Patrol is the Proper Authority. It is doing its job. That's not REAL trouble.

The Minutemen are going to cause REAL trouble on the border because they are just American citizens, not Proper Authorities. And that is exactly what the media are talking about.

What would happen to the media if just anybody were allowed to report the news? They wouldn't be "the media" anymore.

What would happen if just any American were allowed to protect his nation's border? What would happen if a bunch of people who called themselves "The Sons of Liberty" started taking action against the Proper Authorities appointed by His Majesty King George III?

It could cause a revolution.

It DID cause a revolution. So the "real trouble" on the border has nothing to do with murderers or rapists or child molesters being protected in Mexico.

The media are saying that "real trouble" has nothing to do with death or destruction happening to human beings. "Real trouble" is not when the rights of the people are violated. "Real trouble" means that the rights of the BORDER PATROL are being violated.